Delegating Mina

The Mina Protocol is secured by Proof-of-Stake consensus. To participate in the network and earn tokens, you don't need to buy and manage complex hardware like Bitcoin or other blockchains. By merely holding Mina tokens in a wallet, you can stake it yourself or delegate it to another node.

For example, you can delegate your Mina tokens to Stake Mina's address by executing in your client the guide below.

Delegating mina to another node

The benefits of delegating mina to another node are:

  • You save money on hardware costs
  • You don't need to maintain (update and monitor) a node such that it stays always connected to the network to produce blocks
  • You have greater odds of winning token rewards periodically

For this service, Stake Mina charges a 5% fee for each block it wins and then redistribute the rewards accordingly.

Step by step guide to delegate mina

Don't hesitate ton contact me if you get into trouble. I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Using the Mina daemon

Note: this guide is inspired by the official Mina docs.

Step 1 - Unlock your account

mina account unlock -public-key $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY

Step 2 - Delegate to Stake Mina's address

mina client delegate-stake \
    -receiver B62qjmUyv9D4GQ35RFSDrXjMqgFYW4VtDkuv1q8TnxosPqxSJcbdvzG \
    -sender $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY \
    -fee 0.1

Step 3 - Celebrate

After you've executed the command, the delegation will be active only after 2 to 4 weeks or said differently 1 to 2 epochs later.

Using Nano Ledger S

To execute the following steps you need to have the latest version of mina_ledger_wallet installed. You can follow the official docs to install it.

Step 1 - Connect your ledger

If you haven't generate an address yet, you generate one with the following command:

mina_ledger_wallet get-address <BIP44_ACCOUNT>

Where <BIP44_ACCOUNT> should start with 0 and be increased.

Step 2 - Delegate to Stake Mina's address

    mina_ledger_wallet delegate \
    --offline \
    --fee 0.01 \ 
    --nonce 0 \
    --network mainnet \
    <BIP44_ACCOUNT> <SENDER_PUBLIC_KEY> B62qjmUyv9D4GQ35RFSDrXjMqgFYW4VtDkuv1q8TnxosPqxSJcbdvzG

Step 3 - Broadcast it to the network

After you've executed the command, you get an output that you have to broadcast to the network. The delegation will be active only after 2 to 4 weeks or said differently 1 to 2 epochs later.

Delegation Address

Again, the Stake Mina Staking Pool's public key is the following:


How can I delegate my stake to Stake Mina at Genesis?

If you want to delegate your stake to the pool at mainnet launch then enter the following public key B62qjmUyv9D4GQ35RFSDrXjMqgFYW4VtDkuv1q8TnxosPqxSJcbdvzG in the registration form. Follow the insctructions below.

Generate your key

First, generate your key by following the official instructions. Store it preciously!

Fill the form

Select "I will delegate my token grant" at the section Block Producer.

In the input below at the question If you're going to delegate your token grant, what is the Public Key Address where you will delegate your token grant to? enter the Stake Mina public key B62qjmUyv9D4GQ35RFSDrXjMqgFYW4VtDkuv1q8TnxosPqxSJcbdvzG.

And confirm it again by double checking the address.

Note: the input in the picture is cut and doesn't display the full address

Finally, just check the Not applicable - I will delegate my token grant.

Congrats! You are all set to begin staking via the Genesis Ledger at mainnet launch.

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to pin me on discord at gnosed#4751.