How much is the commission fee?

We apply a fee of 5%.

How are rewards distributed?

Block producers will be selected at random by stake-weight, and will receive the entirety of the block rewards and transaction fees.

Delegators will receive a pro-rata portion after commission fees have been deducted.

How often do you distribute rewards?

At the end of each epoch (i.e every 14 days and 21 hours).

Do you have access to my funds?

No. A staking service provider never has access to your funds when delegating to it. You always stay in control.

Can I un-delegate my stake?

Yes, your stake is yours and you can un-delegate it any times you want. You have to notice the 1-2 epochs latency before the changes are reflected.

Can a block producer be slashed?

No. There are no penalities for block producers being offline in Mina Protocol.

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to pin me on discord at gnosed#4751.